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You don’t have to keep struggling with IBS. You can take back control and regain trust in your body.

Hello, my name is Jayne Corner and it's a real pleasure to meet you. I work with women who are struggling with IBS symptoms of pain, bloating, constipation and diarrohea. I'm passionate about helping you regain control over your gut, and finally feel normal again. Spoiler: you're going to have to forget everything you've been told about Irritable Bowel Syndrome.

Food is not the problem. The connection between your brain and gut is.

You see IBS is something called a brain-gut dysfunction which means that your brain and your gut aren’t talking to each other as they should. Your brain is sending incorrect messages to your gut, and your gut is sending incorrect messages to your brain - resulting in your IBS symptoms. What we need to do is get them back on the same page!

The good news is that because there is no structural damage to your bowel, functional bowel problems like IBS can be influenced by the mind through the brain gut interaction. And this is where gut directed hypnotherapy for IBS comes in. Simply speaking I help you manage how your mind interprets pain and stress signals, by helping you retrain your gut-brain connection.

Having been trained by the leading gut directed hypnotherapy experts in Australia, US and the UK, you could say I'm a bit of an expert when it comes to using mind-gut therapies to help you regain control over your bowel and IBS symptoms. I follow an evidence-based approach to help you manage your IBS symptoms long term, so you can start living your life to the full again. Just imagine how good it'll feel to gain long term relief.

And I've also been there. I too have uttered those words 'damn you IBS'.


Gut directed hypnotherapy has over 40 years of research. Here's how it can help to manage your IBS symptoms:

Emotional and physical factors like stress and food trigger IBS symptoms due to a miscommunication between your gut and brain.

Gut-directed hypnotherapy can help you learn how to calm down your gut-brain connection subconsciously.

03. A calmer gut and mind can help you reduce your symptoms, allowing you to do all the things in life you love.




My story of how I was able to stop IBS symptoms long term

I was 15 when I first experienced the debilitating stomach pain and fatigue that IBS can bring. But it wasn’t until multiple trips to the doctors and several tests came back as normal, that I was finally given the diagnosis of Irritable Bowel Syndrome.

Far from feeling ‘normal’, I felt exhausted, confused and frustrated.

“I’m sorry there is nothing we can do for you” were the words given to me by my family doctor as he handed me a prescription for peppermint capsules. He went on to explain that my gut issues were likely brought on by extreme emotional stress from a combination of exam pressure and my parents going through an ugly divorce. And off I went.

Over the months that followed, plans were cancelled, fear and anxiety crept in as to what to eat, and fatigue and the severe gut pain started to control what I did and where I went. Mealtimes were dictated by when I had taken my last peppermint capsule, and I felt so very alone.

But I refused to accept that this was my life, and I refused to accept the label of ‘IBS’.

However, it wasn’t until I purchased my first book on IBS that I started getting some answers and began to understand what Irritable Bowel Syndrome was all about. I read about stress, the nerves in the gut, and the impact of emotions on gut pain and other IBS symptoms. And I read about food intolerances.

Subsequent tests showed sensitives to gluten and diary (which isn’t uncommon for people with IBS), and a further endoscopy confirmed that although eating gluten caused extreme fatigue, I did not have celiac (although I do have the gene).

During my early twenties, I became increasingly interested in health and wellbeing as I put into practice everything I was learning. I noticed real changes in my gut when I ate a wholefood diet, and when I didn’t allow my emotional stress to take over. I learnt how to cook, I learnt how to manage my emotions and stress, and I learnt to put myself first in my life.

My passion for health and wellness eventually lead me away from a career in corporate marketing to wellness coaching, clinical hypnotherapy and being trained by the leading experts in the UK, US and Australia in gut directed hypnotherapy.

Now over 20 years later, I look back at the days when my IBS symptoms ruled my life and compare it to how different my life is today. I’ve gone from being curled up in the foetal position crying in pain, to being free from symptoms and living life on my terms (not my bowels!).

Having successfully gained long term relief from my own IBS, I am now passionate about helping you do the same.

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I know that your IBS symptoms of pain, bloating, constipation and diarrohea are holding you back in your life. You want to do more, experience more and live more. You feel trapped in a vicious cycle and despite everything you've tried already and the specialists you've been to see, you can't get the long-term relief you are desperately seeking.

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Jayne Corner is a psychotherapist specialising in gut-directed hypnotherapy and CBT. She helps her clients get long lasting relief from IBS symptoms without restrictive diets or medication, even if they've been suffering for decades.


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