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The Calm Gut 1:1 Program

You’re ready to end the vicious cycle of painful IBS flareups and debilitating symptoms, but you feel like you’ve already tried everything and you've almost given up hope of ever resolving your symptoms. From the low FODMAP diet to expensive supplements to prescription and over the counter medication. Maybe you do just have to live the rest of your life with unpredictable flare ups and all that comes with them? I get it, you’re completely fed up.

Whether you have been suffering with IBS symptoms for many years, or you have only recently been diagnosed, it’s time to end the ongoing struggle and finally get your IBS symptoms under control.

If you are ready to invest in your health and get help for unresolved IBS and gut issues, then working together 1:1 will help you to gain the results you have been desperately searching for. With a personalised, supportive and caring approach, together we’ll get your bowel (and your life) back on track.

A supportive, evidence based program delivered online where you finally get to feel understood and get your life back.

Eat whatever you want and wherever you want, enjoying your favourite foods without worrying about a flare up, where the closest bathroom is or excusing yourself from the table.

Go for that promotion or work your dream job without distractions or anxiety holding you back.

Wear your favourite clothes again that have been hiding in the back of your wardrobe, including that pair of skinny jeans with a bloat free stomach (say goodbye to unzipping your jeans when sitting down!)

Enjoy being intimate with your partner without having to stop and run to the bathroom, or worry about what may happen. The same goes for enjoying first dates and not having to worry about the 'IBS talk'.

Become pain free and full of energy to say yes to dinners out with friends, weekends away with your partner and travel.... even at the last minute.

Regain the freedom to live spontaneously...

This program is for you if you are ready to:

You don't have to figure this all out by yourself or walk this journey alone.

If medical and dietary interventions are not resolving your symptoms, then it's likely that they are a result of stress, anxiety, the pressure and demands of modern life, having no time to relax and/or being unable to switch off. When we work together, I take into account what is happening for you in your life as we work towards getting your brain and gut talking as they should. The end result will be decreased pain and digestive symptoms.

"I was told I have IBS by my doctors but no one really explained what it is and what causes it. I just know that when I eat certain foods it triggers it. But now I have learned what it actually is, that there are multiple different reasons it can occur and multiple different ways to heal (I just presumed I needed to stay away from certain foods!)"

- hayley, sydney Australia

You Will Receive 1:1 Support With:

• Enhancing your brain-gut communication using evidence based gut directed hypnotherapy, CBT and wellness coaching, together with meaningful lifestyle changes.

• Identifying and reducing psychological factors such as stress and anxiety which have been shown to affect the gut.

• Finding and building a sense of inner calm, security, confidence and trust in yourself and in your body.

• Getting out of your head and quieting the anxious and negative thoughts and beliefs which have been running around on autopilot keeping you stuck. You'll be able to move from anxiety and fear into having confidence and trust in your body.

• Creating your very own wellness vision for your desired health and wellness outcomes over the next 3-12 months 

• Creating a personalised strategy based on the lifestyle factors that are within your control to get you out of pain, anxiety and distress and back enjoying life again.

• Building your very own 'tool kit' of self-help strategies so that you have the knowledge and the confidence to react differently to your IBS symptoms.

• Identifying any potential blocks to creating changes in your health (and life) and developing a way to move beyond them

During this partnership, your relationship with yourself will also change because I focus on more than just your symptoms. I focus on more than just making sure you are eating  the right type of fibre. One of the immediate shifts my clients note is how they start to connect back with themselves and start to priortise themselves in their own life. 

The Calm Gut 1:1 Program includes:

You will come together with Jayne in your initial 1:1 Coaching & Gut Directed Hypnotherapy Session to identify your primary areas of focus and concern. Together you will create a roadmap for regaining control over your IBS symptoms and set achievable goals so that you can start living life on your terms. You'll also be introduced to hypnotherapy and relax as you experience your first  guided gut directed hypnotherapy session.

1 x 60 minute initial Private Consultation Session (via Zoom)

Following your initial session you will come together with Jayne every 1-2 weeks for your follow up 1:1 Coaching & Gut Directed Hypnotherapy Sessions. In these consultations, you will not only experience a deeply relaxing and powerful gut directed hypnotherapy session, you you will  also receive transformative coaching support, tools, practices, guidance and help from Jayne to break through what is holding you back and break the vicious cycle of IBS symptoms.
*Further sessions can be booked individually as required

5 x 60 minute Private Consultation Sessions (via Zoom)

You will be provided with 1 x 20-30mins support recording to listen to daily in between your sessions with Jayne. This recording is a key part of the program as they help to facilitate relaxation of your conscious mind and central nervous system, and regulate the brain gut axis and your gut’s own nervous system (enteric nervous system) so that your brain and gut start to talk to each other as they should.

1 x Gut Directed Hypnotherapy Support Audio session

Your Investment: $697 USD

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Frequently Asked Questions

How do i know if i need the calm gut program?

what is gut directed hypnotherapy?

how does online coaching & hypnotherapy 'work'?

what if I feel nervous about hypnotherapy?

How many sessions do I need?

Can i continue to work with my exisiting health care team?

The state of hypnosis is a deeply relaxed, highly focused natural state of being which is likened to 'day dreaming'.

Gut directed hypnotherapy is a type of hypnosis using guided imagery that is directed at your digestive system to regulate its function. 

It works just the same way as if we were in the room together, but you get to relax in the comfort of your own home. Research supports online counselling and gut directed hypnotherapy as being equally as effective as face-to-face appointments.

There are 2 basic criteria:

1. You experience gut issues and have been diagnosed with IBS
2. Your symptoms are causing you some form of distress

No referral is required to work with me.

The Calm Gut Program begins with 6 sessions, with further sessions added as required. The best results are achieved when the program is completed with consistency, including the listening to the support recordings in-between sessions.


It is seen by many as a great complement to existing treatments which you may be receiving through your medical doctor or other specialist. 

That’s completely normal, especially given it’s a new experience to you.

I’ll answer all your questions about it, and I always make sure that your comfort is my priority.

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