Inside this guide you'll:

Learn how to reduce IBS Pain without restrictive diets or medication.

Discover why your gut can sometimes leave you doubled over in agony, and what can help relieve painful spasms.
Learn how even the most severe IBS pain is not always a sign of something more sinister.

Understand why you probably have more control of your gut than you ever realized - and how you could even finally take your life off hold.


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"I printed it straight out and have now read it cover to cover three times in a row! I couldn't put it down. Finally all my symptoms started to make sense. I now feel a new sense of hope."

"Thank you Jayne, I have read it and keep on reading it to understand what I'm going though, and what I can do to help my IBS.. Today is a good day after reading it!"

"Learning from Jayne will open up your eyes to your IBS gut pain, the reasons behind it and what you can do to help. IBS is not just a diagnosis that you have to live with, you can make it better for yourself!"

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If we haven’t officially met, my name is Jayne Corner and as a psychotherapist specialising in gut directed hypnotherapy for Irritable Bowel Syndrome, you could say I'm a bit of an expert when it comes to using mind-gut therapies to help you regain control over your bowel and IBS symptoms.

As a teenager and young adult I struggled for over a decade with debilitating IBS symptoms, and after finally regaining control of my gut, I’m now on a mission to help you do the same.

With over 7 years experience, I've helped hundreds of IBS sufferers get long term relief from their debilitating IBS symptoms, and finally have a body (and gut) they trust.

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