If you have been wondering about hypnosis and IBS, and how hypnotherapy can help get you long-term relief from your IBS gut symptoms then look no further.

Because in this post and video below, I’m going to share with you 7 of the benefits of this approach and how hypnotherapy for IBS could work for you.

Hypnosis and IBS treatment

Unfortunately, conventional treatment for IBS can be unsatisfactory with symptoms failing to respond for many people. You may also have found that medications that previously helped control symptoms stopped working, or you started to experience unwanted side effects.

Either way, the good news is that hypnotherapy for IBS, also known as gut directed hypnotherapy, has been shown to be extremely effective for IBS.

And not just at improving symptoms, but also increasing the quality of your life.

So here are 7 of its benefits – many of which may surprise you!

Benefit 1: Improves your gut symptoms

Study after study demonstrate that between 70-80% of people who undertake a program of hypnotherapy for IBS will see a reduction in their symptoms.

Whether this is for IBS C, IBS D, or a reduction in pain, bloating, or gas. Hypnotherapy for IBS can work across all gut symptoms of irritable bowel syndrome because of the way it works to target and enhance the brain-gut connection.

I see these amazing results with my own clients too, regardless of whether they have been struggling with IBS for a few months or over many many years.

Benefit 2: Decreases your anxiety

Unfortunately, anxiety and IBS often go hand in hand, and who can honestly say which came first?

Unlike medication or changing your diet, the great thing about hypnotherapy for Irritable Bowel Syndrome is how much it can help reduce your anxiety and bring you back to a state of calm inside.

No longer do you have to be at the mercy of your anxious thoughts and constantly have to keep playing it safe.

Benefit 3: Removes your fear around food

All too often when clients start working with me they have developed fear around food. This usually happens after they have followed a restrictive diet such as the low fodmap diet, or an elimination diet.

Because of this anxiety and fear, they struggle to reintroduce different foods back into their diet. And often this leads to an increase of symptoms due to the way this increase in stress impacts the digestive system.

Hypnotherapy for IBS can therefore be a powerful tool for helping to reduce this anxiety and fear, so you can get back to eating all the things you love!

Benefit 4: Improvements are long-lasting

Many times when clients finish working with me inside of The Calm Gut Method, they’ll ask whether they have to keep listening to the hypnosis support recordings they get access to.

And the answer is no.

Unlike medication or a change in diet that you may have to follow indefinitely to keep your symptoms at bay, with hypnotherapy the symptoms can be long-lasting.

In fact, the longest study ever conducted in this area showed improvements after a program of hypnotherapy lasting for 5 years.

Benefit 5: Rebuilds your confidence in your body (and gut)

Now usually digestion happens without us even being aware – at least that’s the plan.

But with IBS, things are a little different, and often your confidence can take a downward spiral. You start to lose trust and confidence in your body to do the job that it was designed to do.

However, using hypnotherapy we can reverse this pattern and get you back to loving your body and your gut.

Benefit 6: Improves your sleep

IBS can be a real drain on your energy and often sleep is a major area that can be affected.

No one functions their best on a lack of sleep. And we also know that sleep disturbance in itself can be a trigger for many when it comes to gut symptoms.

So it’s nice to know as an added side benefit, that hypnosis can do wonders for helping your body get the rest it needs – and this is often one of the first benefits clients tell me about.

Benefit 7: Helps you learn to relax

We live in a world which is go go go and rarely take the time to stop, relax and recharge.

Thankfully due to the very nature of hypnotherapy, you learn to relax more and more.

Very quickly you can take your body out of a state of stress which can play havoc with your digestive system, and into what we call your ‘’rest and digest mode’’ which is key for optimal health – not just for your digestive system and IBS.


If you’d like to explore whether hypnotherapy for IBS and my Calm Gut Program is the right approach for you, then book a free 30 minute consultation. With almost 40 years of solid evidence behind it, gut directed hypnotherapy has been shown to reduce IBS symptoms in more than 70-80% of people. In this free 30 minute call, we will discuss:

  • Your current IBS symptoms, health history and challenges you’re experiencing
  • What you’ve already tried to get relief from IBS and why you’re still stuck
  • How hypnosis for IBS (also known as gut directed hypnotherapy) works and determine a program of therapy going forward.

If you have any questions before booking this call, you can contact me here.

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