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As a Psychotherapist, gut directed hypnotherapist & gut health coach specialising in Irritable Bowel Syndrome, I'm here to help you get lasting relief from IBS. Now working exclusively online and offering consultations across the world, I use evidence based techniques to help you manage your IBS symptoms of pain, bloating, constipation and diarrhoea long term without restrictive diets or taking medication for the rest of your life. Whether you've been recently diagnosed with IBS or have been suffering for many years, it's time you started living your life again on your terms (not your bowels).

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Hi, my name is jayne corner. i'm a gut health coach & gut directed hypnotherapist specialising in IBS.

Let me guess. You've tried it all - the restricted diets, the medications, and trying to figure it out on your own. But your IBS symptoms are still stopping you from living your life the way you want, enjoying food like you used to, and wearing the clothes you love. 

When we work together you'll start making changes that will give you the power to change how your gut functions. My work with clients goes a lot deeper than helping you choose the right type of fibre. I address more than what you're eating or a plan to deal with your day-day IBS symptoms (although we cover all of this too).

Simply speaking, IBS is something called a 'brain-gut dysfunction' (there is nothing physically wrong with your bowel), and I help my clients retrain the way that their brain and gut are talking to each other, so that they can finally have a bowel that works as it should.

While I may be an expert on IBS now, I've been where you are. I've experienced the crippling gut pain firsthand and that feeling of my life being constantly on hold.


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Mind-gut therapies have been used to manage IBS for almost 40 years, and can improve symptoms by over 70%!

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"Multiple well-controlled studies have shown that gut-directed hypnotherapy improves gastrointestinal symptoms in people with IBS by 70-80% and these improvements are maintained in the long-term. This approach is also equally as effective as the low FODMAP diet"

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"Hypnotherapy patients showed a dramatic improvement, the difference between the two patient groups being highly significant. In the hypnotherapy group no relapses were recorded during the 3-month follow-up period."

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"In addition to significant improvement in all central IBS symptoms, hypnotherapy recipients had fewer visits to doctors, lost less time from work than the control group, and rated their quality of life more improved."

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"Of all the treated patients, 71% showed improvement in response to hypnotherapy treatment initially, and of those, 81% were still fully improved when re-contacted up to five years later.

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"The bowel symptoms of IBS were significantly reduced on average after hypnosis treatment, and psychological distress and well-being also improved significantly. Adequate relief of IBS symptoms was reported by 84% of the patients after the hypnosis treatment."

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