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- gut directed hypnotherapy & wellness coaching for ibs -

Helping you get lasting relief from IBS without restrictive diets or medications.

IBS pain can be crippling. Are you over the confusion and frustration of IBS gut pain? If so, this FREE guide will help you understand how to reduce IBS gut pain without restrictive diets or medication.


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Are you ready to get relief from your IBS? You're in the right place.

Working exclusively online and offering consultations around the world I help you get long term relief from IBS symptoms of pain, fatigue, bloating, constipation and diarrohea.

Let me guess. You've tried it all - the restricted diets, the medications, and trying to figure it out on your own. But your IBS symptoms are still stopping you from living your life the way you want, enjoying food like you used to, and wearing the clothes you love.

My name is Jayne, and as a gut directed hypnotherapist & gut health coach specialising in Irritable Bowel Syndrome I help you take back control of your gut and start living your life again - on your terms (not your bowels). 

Simply speaking, I help you retrain the way that your brain and gut talk to each other, so you can finally have a bowel that works as it should.

it's a joy to welcome you here.

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about jayne


Mind gut therapies have been used for 40 years, and can improve IBS symptoms by over 70%.

No confusing or hard to follow diets. This isn't about relying on medication or putting up with side effects.

We address the underlying reason for IBS - the miscommunication between your brain and your gut.

Therapy & coaching from the comfort of your own home or wherever you have internet connection.

science & evdience based

no drugs or restrictive diets




How effective is gut directed hypnotherapy for IBS?

can create food anxiety

Gut directed hypnotherapy

not designed for long term use

Restrictive & confusing approach

can reduce beneficial bacteria

does not reduce underlying stress & anxiety

supports healthy relationship with food

long lasting results with zero side effects

No restrictive diets

improves brain gut connection

reduceS stress, anxiety & Depression


Low fodmap diet

Gut-directed hypnotherapy can improve your IBS symptoms by 70-80%, and has been shown to be equally effective as the low fodmap diet - meaning you can get the same level of symptom control without having to change what you eat.



"Learning from Jayne will open up your eyes to your IBS gut pain, the reasons behind it and what you can do to help. IBS is not just a diagnosis that you have to live with, you can make it better for yourself!"

Bianca K, Spain

"Jayne’s approach is great! Being able to actually talk about where I was at and my challenges was incredibly valuable. I always felt really positive after each session and loved that I could dedicate that time to focus 100% on myself."

Melena B, Australia


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There is an end to your IBS symptoms. Start taking back control now.

You want to live a ‘normal’ life but your gut is out of control...

You know that in order to start feeling like the real you again, you need to get your gut working as it should. However, you feel like you’ve already tried everything, and you've almost given up hope of ever resolving your IBS symptoms. And this is where I can help. 

Working together via skype or zoom, I combine gut directed hypnotherapy, cognitive behavioural therapy and gut health coaching to help you take back control of your IBS symptoms, reduce the stress & anxiety in your life, and create a lifestyle that supports a calm and happy gut.

If you have either struggled in the past to get relief from your IBS symptoms with medical and dietary interventions or you are looking for an alternative approach to managing your symptoms that does not involve stressful, confusing and restrictive diets or the side effects of medications, then look no further.

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