What Clients Have to Say

I could tell you all day long about the benefits of hypnotherapy and CBT for IBS symptoms and anxiety. But ultimately, what matters is the experiences of my clients and whether they were able to get long term relief.

“I can now eat gluten again (and other foods I had eliminated) without problems!”

''Before working with Jayne, my gut would rule my life. If I had a "bad" day and needed to go to the bathroom many times, my day would be completely ruined. My self-esteem would drop so low, and I would feel horrible. Over the years I felt like I had tried everything - I was always finding new supplements & lifestyle changes which I hoped would work, but none of them worked in the long run. This included following the Low-fodmap diet and eliminating many things, including gluten. In fact, I was really terrified of gluten - whenever I tried introducing it again in small amounts, I would experience strong physical and emotional reactions – from being unable to concentrate and needing the bathroom many times.

Working with Jayne inside of The Calm Gut Program was really great! I looked forward to our sessions together so much. She was always really understanding, and I felt genuinely cared for with the sessions personalised to my individual situation and experiences. I always felt "re-set" afterwards. The biggest change I noticed after working together was being able to eat gluten again (and other foods I had eliminated) without any problems! More subtly, I have learnt to detach my mind and feelings about my gut from my physical reactions. If I do experience any gut symptoms, for example during periods of high stress, then I don’t worry about them. My mental reactions are gone. I can still feel confident about myself, get on with my day and be nice to people around me. I’ve also stopped worrying about future situations that might be stressful/impact my gut (which I did all the time before) because I have a deep feeling that I will manage, and everything will be ok, no matter what life throws at me.

If you have IBS, I would definitely recommend The Calm Gut Program. It feels like the best investment in myself - I understand myself, and my body on a much deeper level. I feel strong and resilient to anything that will come up in my life, and ready to manage any stressful and uncertain events lying ahead - because I am calm in myself and confident in my body. Thank you Jayne – I am so grateful for everything you have taught me!" — Rebecca, Fiji

I always felt ''re-set'' after my sessions with Jayne

''My sessions with Jayne have absolutely turned my life around. Before meeting with Jayne, I really felt a sense of hopelessness in regards to my life, my gut, and most especially, my anxiety. I hardly left my home and when I did it was with absolute terror of “what if…” scenarios that included making it to the bathroom on time and humiliating myself in front of others. It made living and enjoying life a near impossible task.

Since meeting with Jayne, I have felt so much more confident in my ability to socialize, live day-to-day, and travel. For people who don’t experience IBS it can be bizarre to hear that one’s stomach issues prevents them from doing day-to-day activities, but Jayne listened and validated my concerns. I feel less alone and certainly more confident. She has provided me with so many tools to cope with my anxiety surrounding my gut. Is everyday perfect? No, of course not. Do I still get nervous doing certain activities? I sure do. However, I’m so much more able to confidently cope and take on the anxiety with Jayne’s help and tools. I cannot thank her enough and am super grateful to have found her program!"  — Anonymous, USA

From feeling terrified about leaving the house to being able to socialise, travel and live her life again!

''I can't begin to express how grateful I am to have discovered Jayne’s hypnotherapy program. Prior to this program, IBS controlled my daily routine and habits. I struggled with constipation, anxiety, tension, and the inability to accept change.

From the very first session with Jayne, I felt grounded, at peace, and more aware of my thoughts and innate reactions. Over the course of the sessions, I learned to recognize the relationship between my worrisome thoughts, behaviors, and physical symptoms. The gut-brain connection is real! Through regular practice of hypnotherapy and incorporating her CBT-based recommendations, I learned to manage my stress and anxiety, which in turn had a profound effect on my digestive system. The regular bouts of constipation that had been a constant struggle began to ease up significantly. For the first time in years, I found I could break from my routine and feel calm and relaxed, without experiencing IBS symptoms.

If you're dealing with IBS, I wholeheartedly recommend this hypnotherapy program. It’s a journey of self-discovery, healing, and transformation."  — India L, USA

India was able to break out of her restrictive routine and start living her life again.

“I wake up feeling blissful and happy, with a super calm gut, excited about my day and about eating food.”

''''Before working with Jayne, my diet had been limited to just rice, chicken, and oatmeal, with my stomach always cramping up into knots while losing more and more weight. I felt trapped and hopeless. My life was at an all time bottom, stuck in depression and wondering why it was me that couldn't eat any food, limiting my travel and activities outside the house. I had tried everything to try and get my IBS symptoms under control; from western doctors to eastern doctors to naturopathic doctors, and nothing worked. No medicine or special diet would help. I felt like I needed a hard reset in my mind/body connection, and that is what Jayne provided.

Right away in my first meeting I could tell she was exactly what I needed to start the healing process. She is extremely knowledgeable on many aspects of the brain/gut connection, what causes it to get out of whack, and knows how to heal it. She also has a way of explaining things so that they make perfect sense, making a lasting impression on my brain so I can implement her techniques after each session. She is also wonderfully compassionate, and makes you feel like you are not alone in your suffering. My experience of working with Jayne was extremely positive and I noticed my symptoms improving immediately after the first session!

The biggest changes I've noticed after working with Jayne in The Calm Gut Program are in my overall mindset, mood, and well-being. I wake up feeling blissful and happy, with a super calm gut, excited about my day and about eating food. Before, I would wake in depression, stomach pain, and dread starting my day. My mind would start racing about things to do, leading to my stomach getting tighter and tighter. Now I feel much more calm when waking. I can honestly say my life is 100% better now, as I can feel my body healing and getting stronger, with my mind and stomach no longer racing in stressful thoughts.

I absolutely recommend meeting with Jayne to see if she is a good match for you, especially if your IBS and OCD mind have become out of control like mine did, and your diet has become super restricted. She's an amazing healer, hypnotherapist, and psychotherapist. She has a holistic approach unlike any other healer I have met. If you are hesitate about this approach then I would say, if you are tired of being in pain - you need to meet with Jayne!''  — Ryan P, USA

I also noticed big changes in MY overall mindset, mood & wellbeing!

“Before I found The Calm and Happy Gut, I had tried many elimination diets. I worked with 2 Nutritionist’s and after following their very strict and difficult diets I lost interest in eating. I also did the Low FODMAP diet which helped, but I needed to repeat it and I avoided starting it again. I also did the Nerva meditations but found they were repetitive. I have had IBS most of my life, I was always seeking answers.

Working with Jayne was the answer to my prayers. Jayne’s voice was so calming. I used the hypnosis mediations when I had any stomach issues. I listened to the information and felt empowered to listen to and apply the IBS explanations in my self-talk. I never really understood what was happening and always blamed myself for eating too much or the wrong foods. What I appreciate most is having tools and I feel empowered and less fearful."  — Mary Ann P, USA

After trying many different approaches, Mary Ann finally found the answers.

''I’ve had a long history of IBS, which has had a major impact on my life. I’ve had much anxiety over symptoms and regularly experienced fear of being unable to get to toilet facilities. I had tried many ways to manage the condition including the Low Fodmap diet, medications and other programs such as the Nerva mobile app. I found Jayne to have a kind and compassionate manner. She quickly put me at ease. I started to have an improvement in symptoms within the first few weeks of the program. I like that Jayne personalised the program, making it relevant to my situation.

I have found that I am now more tuned into my thoughts and self talk around IBS, and realize how much unhelpful thinking perpetuates the condition. I now have more strategies to manage this unhelpful thinking. It has been useful to have Jayne’s hypnosis recordings, which I have continued to use after I finished the program. I would recommend Jayne’s program to anyone struggling to manage IBS. For me, there was no down side.''  — Anonymous, Australia

After struggling with IBS for decades, she now has relief from her IBS symptoms.

"Jayne has a unique perspective and a huge amount of expertise working with IBS. It was amazing to feel understood!"

"I had been dealing with IBS for most of my life. Symptoms started in childhood and I’ve experienced many flareups, some that could last for months. As a child I remember complaining about stomach aches almost daily, dealing with gas pains and discomfort, and struggling a lot with anxiety. Over the years I’ve tried many things. From elimination diets, low FODMAP, Chinese medicine-based diets, cleanses, detox smoothies, fiber supplements, probiotics, and enzymes. I also tried acupuncture, craniosacral treatments, energy healing, chakra work, shamanic healing protocols, osteopathy, kinesiology, psychotherapy, and homeopathy.

Last year due to an infection I took antibiotics which I believe triggered the latest episode of IBS. These symptoms included bowel urgency and loose stools in the mornings, bouts of severe nausea and complete loss of appetite, and loss of weight and overall energy. These were paired with anxiety around my symptoms and the feeling of complete loss of control over what was happening. By the time I started working with Jayne, I was in the most severe state of crisis with my IBS that I have ever been in.

At that time there was a lot of uncertainty around what I could eat and what was causing or worsening symptoms. And because of severe nausea, I felt very limited in my ability to go out and enjoy time with the family. Mealtimes became stressful and I had days where I had to stay in bed. I felt very helpless and had no idea what I could do to get better. It felt like things were spiralling in the wrong direction. When I first started working with Jayne, I felt nervous and excited. I felt determined and hopeful that this time it could be different, and I could find lasting relief. But I also felt very scared that it may not work or that any relief would be short-lived.

Jayne has a unique perspective and a huge amount of expertise working with IBS. It was amazing to feel understood! She guided me towards building confidence in my ability to heal and change, and everything was backed by a deep knowledge and understanding of how IBS works and how it can be overcome. The exercises were eye-opening and unlike anything I had done before - especially getting to know my thoughts, my thought patterns and how much power my thoughts have over my nervous system.

Initially I felt like I was on a roller-coaster, and learning about unhelpful thought patterns and how anxiety works in the body was not easy. However, I really immersed myself in the process and things started to shift by the end of the second week. By the end of the third week I had about 70% improvements in my symptoms. I also understood the relationship between tension in the body and stress in the nervous system, and my digestive system being able to digest food undisturbed.

My symptoms continued to improve further over the course of the program, and I faced a big test after the fifth session with an international move with my entire family. In the past this situation would have caused exorbitant levels of stress for me with severe flare-ups. But I was able to go through the transition with jet-lag and moving to a new home without any bowel irritation and only few flare-ups of some nausea and loss of appetite that subsided after the first week of returning to Germany.

After working with Jayne, I feel empowered and confident whereas I used to feel hopeless, anxious and frustrated. I still have some sensitivities to certain foods, and I still react to stress, but I can do a lot more things with much less trouble than before. Flare-ups are short-lived and do not scare me as much. I can see the path ahead, and I have a completely different perspective on things. I would most definitely recommend The Calm Gut Program! I had done a lot of research and I am so grateful I found her YouTube channel. If you are on the fence and you have tried a thousand other things already, working with Jayne is your best bet at a chance of lasting change and healing.''  — Aarti S, Germany

After working with Jayne, I feel empowered and confident

''Before working with Jayne I experienced pain, distress and health related interference with my life on a daily basis. I honestly can’t remember a time where my stomach didn’t hurt. Over the last few years my health issues were acute; I was in and out of doctors, had tried western and alternative medicine and I was worried constantly and felt like nothing was working. I haven’t done a testimonial before but I had to, to let everyone know how wonderful my experience was and to share something that really worked for me.

My work with Jayne has changed my life. I now live free of anxiety related to IBS and am able to work with a flare up to resolve it quicker and quicker. I’m having less and less symptoms and feeling more in control over my anxiety and health. Before the program I would spend days anxious and worried about a weekend away, but now I can spend time away, fully enjoying myself and without IBS symptoms! I feel so much better! The tools and support she gave me were extremely helpful and are tools I’ll have with me forever. I can’t recommend her enough! Thank you!''  — Elaine, California

Elaine went from having debilitating anxiety and IBS to freedom to live again!

''After two bad stomach infection's I started to experience a crazy amount of diarrhea, looser stools and other gut issues. I underwent many different screening tests, including a screening for cancer, but everything checked out fine. I was always in my head and worried that something really bad was going on. Over time my symptoms changed and I developed post infectious IBS-C. Over the years I tried different elimination diets, cutting out dairy, and staying away from gluten...but none of these things were helping. Out of desperation I started to Google everything and came across a couple of studies that talked about hypnotherapy for IBS. And to be honest, I was really doubtful that it was going to work. However, after just 3 sessions my symptoms have dramatically improved - almost 100% improved. I am forever thankful for everything Jayne has done for me.

Saying yes to working with Jayne was the best decision I have made, and I would highly recommend this to anyone - especially if you are skeptical or on the fence and trying to figure out a way to regain control of your IBS symptoms.''  — Eric P, USA

Eric went from desperation and pain to 99% symptom relief in 3 sessions. After 3 years he felt back to normal.

"After the fifth session, practically all of my physical symptoms had gradually disappeared."

''For a year I was often debilitated and in so much pain I could not get out of bed. I had severe cramps, diarrhea, or sometimes constipation, little to no appetite resulting in a 12 pound weight loss, lack of energy and psychological despair.

Two GI doctors failed to diagnose my ailment after a barrage of tests that all showed no problem. A new cardiologist suggested SIBO (Small Intestine Bacterial Overgrowth) which turned out to be the case. The second GI doctor was embarrassed at her failure, and also sent me to the wrong physical therapy twice, but she accused me of a bad attitude. She prescribed an antibiotic (standard treatment) which made me sicker than my illness with severe cramps and diarrhea. I went to an Integrative Medicine doctor who gave me herbal medicine which sent me to the hospital for dangerously low electrolytes. At the hospital I was diagnosed with IBS.

I had enjoyed good health up to this point. The combination of illness and the failure of medical treatment was the worst experience of my long life. Research on my own introduced me to hypnotherapy/cognitive behavior therapy, which I had never heard of before. I found the Calm Gut Program and Jayne Corner on the internet.

At first I had difficulty understanding how CBT worked and what I had to do. Jayne patiently explained everything to me. After the second session I got the hang of it. Previously I had to force myself to eat even a couple of bites of food. After Jayne gave me some exercises and asked me to think in a different way, I overcame the loss of appetite. After the fifth session, practically all of my physical symptoms had gradually disappeared. It was phenomenal. When I was ill, I didn’t think I could ever get better. Jayne made it happen. I still had some fears as I had been suffering for so long. I talked these out with Jayne and these disappeared also.

I cannot believe that I am “all better” now. I am more than “all better” because Jayne gave me insight into my behavior (old behavior which was not beneficial to me). I found her very easy to talk to about my personal issues including my deepest fears and my bodily functions and she showed me how to overcome my fears and also improve my health. Her hypnotherapy sessions were suited to my needs and I can feel the difference in that I am calmer, less worried and fretting about things and feel more peaceful and certainly less anxious. I used to feel anxious all the time during my illness – the irony being that my illness brought on my anxiety and my anxiety exacerbated my illness. I realized this but didn’t know how to break it. Jayne showed me how to break this vicious cycle.

In any type of therapy, the patient has to feel comfortable and have confidence in the therapist. This is a very personal situation. For me, Jayne was easy for me to open up to and she caught on to what my hang ups were and gave me effective ways to deal with them.'' — Ms DC, USA

I cannot believe that I am “all better” now. 

''I had spent 21 years struggling with IBS symptoms and felt like I was constantly glued to the toilet. Life was hard, and it significantly impacted my ability to work and my quality of life. I had to constantly plan my day around the bathroom, and I found it difficult to leave the house. I was always worried about ‘what might happen'. Before working with Jayne, I had tried to get relief with different medications and changing my diet. I was constantly changing what I was eating and trying different food groups. It was very stressful, frustrating and confusing and the changes I noticed only worked to a certain extent. I was also getting more and more anxious around mealtimes, and I was constantly worried about eating in case it flared up my symptoms.

I found my sessions with Jayne incredibly relaxing, and always felt so calm. During the program Jayne taught me how to retrain my brain and my thoughts. I used to think I couldn’t eat different foods because they would trigger my IBS symptoms, but my sessions helped me to retrain the way I looked at food and think in a different way. And when I changed my mindset and the way I felt about food, I was no longer afraid or anxious of eating… and discovered I could eat SO many more foods with no reaction! I also stopped having to run to the bathroom when I ate. And I stopped having to worry. I also gained the ability to relax and learned how to calm my gut down on my own using the tools Jayne taught me, such as diaphragmatic breathing.

I noticed changes in my symptoms after the very first session. The changes have been significant, and I can now leave my house for the day to catch up with friends without any of the urgency or anxiety I used to experience. I’m so happy I found Jayne and would highly recommend working with her. She is so warm and supportive, and it’s been absolutely wonderful! I used to think hypnotherapy was crazy and ridiculous, but it’s fantastic! This was my last resort because of my IBS being so bad. I wanted to give this ago and I’m so happy I tried it.''  — Teena, Australia

Teena noticed improvements in her IBS symptoms and anxiety from the very first session.

''Before meeting Jayne, I was at my wit’s end. I had suffered from IBS for the last 10 years, and found that eating had become incredibly difficult. I was constantly finding that more and more foods were upsetting my stomach. So much so, that I had given up hope on improving, and felt that there was nothing I could do but to accept my symptoms and learn how to live in pain.

I had heard about IBS hypnotherapy, and after a recommendation from a dietician, I was connected with Jayne. At first, I was sceptical about hypnotherapy working for me because I had so many issues that had persisted for so long, but I was amazed and excited to find that I had significant improvements after the first session! Within 2 weeks (and 2 sessions), I was able to eat so many foods that I hadn’t been able to eat in YEARS and even went to a restaurant and ordered off the menu without any alterations! That was one of the biggest turning points, as it was when I realised that I didn’t have to live my life suffering and just ‘putting up’ with my symptoms. They could be changed!

I would recommend Jayne and her wonderful hypnotherapy program to anybody who is having trouble or suffering with IBS – and I already have! It was such an empowering experience and it has rekindled my love of food! I no longer dread eating; I actually feel happy and excited about the experience. I now look forward to living without the fear and pain of my IBS for many years to come!  — Amy, Australia

Amy finally got her life back after 10 years, including her love of food.

"Before the program, my food fear was out of control. It was not only limiting my diet, but my social life. I was also experiencing bloating, pain and nausea with my IBS on a daily basis.

Since the program, my fear of food has been dramatically reduced. Although I still get bloated, I hardly ever experience pain and nausea. I believe it helps that I have remained committed to listening to at least one session a day. This program is definitely worth your time!" — Tanya V, USA

My fear of food has dramatically reduced. Before the program this fear was out of control.

"I have been struggling with diverticular disease for over 8 years and IBS for most of my life, off and on. I, like many others, changed my diet and took medications. These worked for a while but I still was having flare ups too often. Out of frustration, I searched for IBS meditation on youtube and found Jayne and her program. I listened to several of her videos and decided to join The Calm Gut Program. In working with Jayne, I've learned to use my breath and mind to help calm my anxiety around IBS. I still have an occasional flare up but I'm able to lower the anxiety that exasperates the symptoms by using the techniques that Jayne offered." — Teresa D, USA

In working with Jayne, I've learned to use my breath and mind to help calm my anxiety around IBS.

"I regained the freedom to cook and eat without anxiety or the fear of pain."

"I was either very constipated or had loose stools several times a day, almost every day. There was no in-between. I was in so much pain from trapped gas and had constant abdominal cramping and loud gurgling. I was truly miserable. I was also extremely anxious about food. I had been tested for various gut issues including ulcers, celiac disease, and to rule out infection and inflammatory causes. I was also tested for hormonal imbalances. I tried several colon hydrotherapy/colonics sessions, acupuncture, peppermint teas and capsules, every herb, supplement, and tea I could find, and elimination diets including a low FODMAP diet which was suggested by a gastroenterologist. I also spent a significant chunk of my savings on a naturopathic doctor. Whilst I was able to sometimes get temporary relief, every practitioner seemed to have conflicting advice, and strict diets felt overwhelming and unsustainable.

Overtime I found myself spending more and more money on special foods and supplements, I grew much more anxious, lost weight, and continued to have lots of loose stools. I would rarely leave my house because I felt so weak all the time. And if I did go out I would have to pack a bag with all my pills, and make sure that I had food and snacks prepared. It was mentally, physically and emotionally overwhelming especially given that I felt even worse than before I started.

When I started searching for a new approach, I wanted to find a plan that was evidence-based and scientifically sound. When I first spoke with Jayne, the first thing that stood out was her patience in explaining the process and answering all my questions. She helped me to understand the plan, together with the benefits of CBT and gut-directed hypnotherapy. It also helped that she is a fellow former IBS sufferer and could relate to my struggle. Her gentle approach to healing was very different from everything else I had experienced. I felt truly heard, seen, and understood for the first time.

For the first time, I was challenged to be mindful about the story I was telling myself about my body, about food and its effect on me, and to redirect my thoughts from hopelessness and anxiety to curiosity. After years of being told so many foods were bad for me, it was refreshing to have her guide me gently out of food anxiety and back to the joy I used to feel about cooking and the freedom to choose what I could eat.

I noticed my symptoms improving after the first session. The loose stools were the first symptom to disappear completely. I went from going 7-8 times a day to maybe 2-3 times, to having no loose stools at all. Then I gradually became less anxious about food and even less anxious in general. After probably the second and third sessions, I noticed I didn't have any abdominal cramping at all, but I was still experiencing bloating and gas pain. The difference was, that in spite of it, I was able to challenge myself to eat normal, healthy foods and not to label foods as good or bad. I trusted the process to heal my mind and to trust that my body would once again regain control of proper digestion. I went from having those symptoms daily, to having several days in the week where I wasn't bloated at all and didn't have any symptoms.

After I completed The Calm Gut Program my family and friends noticed how much lighter I am in spirit and say yes more often to joining them on outings and gatherings, even enjoying meal-times together. I have also regained the freedom to cook and eat without anxiety or the fear of pain – which is truly priceless.

I highly recommend The Calm Gut Program with Jayne. I always felt safe and supported, and the calibre and quality of the treatment is well worth the investment and much much more. Jayne is not only knowledgeable and effective, but she is attentive and responsive. She is also flexible, respectful and compassionate. I know it might feel scary to try one more thing and to put your faith in something that is probably unlike anything else you have done before, but you owe it to yourself to try.'' — Ogechi N, USA

I felt truly understood.