Client Success Stories

what others say about working with the calm and happy gut

If you are struggling with IBS, I understand how challenging it can be, and the disappointment you feel when yet another ‘solution’ doesn’t work, or only brings limited relief. I also understand if you are feeling sceptical about gut directed hypnotherapy – in fact many of my clients felt the exact same way. That’s why I’m delighted to share the stories of my past clients, in their own words, as to how The Calm Gut IBS Program helped them to take back control of their IBS and live life to the full again - no matter how severe their symptoms or how long they've been struggling.

“It almost feels like magic! After 3 years of pain my gut now feels back to normal”

''After two bad stomach infection's I started to experience a crazy amount of diarrhea, looser stools and other gut issues. I underwent many different screening tests, including a screening for cancer, but everything checked out fine. I was always in my head and worried that something really bad was going on. Over time my symptoms changed and I developed post infectious IBS-C. Over the years I tried different elimination diets, cutting out dairy, and staying away from gluten...but none of these things were helping. Out of desperation I started to Google everything and came across a couple of studies that talked about hypnotherapy for IBS. And to be honest, I was really doubtful that it was going to work. However, after just 3 sessions my symptoms have dramatically improved - almost 100% improved. I am forever thankful for everything Jayne has done for me.

Saying yes to working with Jayne was the best decision I have made, and I would highly recommend this to anyone - especially if you are skeptical or on the fence and trying to figure out a way to regain control of your IBS symptoms.''

from desperation and pain to 99% symptom relief in 3 sessions


“Suffering from IBS for 10 years… now symptom free and loving food again!”

''Before meeting Jayne, I was at my wit’s end. I had suffered from IBS for the last 10 years, and found that eating had become incredibly difficult. I was constantly finding that more and more foods were upsetting my stomach. So much so, that I had given up hope on improving, and felt that there was nothing I could do but to accept my symptoms and learn how to live in pain.

I had heard about IBS hypnotherapy, and after a recommendation from a dietician, I was connected with Jayne. At first, I was sceptical about hypnotherapy working for me because I had so many issues that had persisted for so long, but I was amazed and excited to find that I had significant improvements after the first session! Within 2 weeks (and 2 sessions), I was able to eat so many foods that I hadn’t been able to eat in YEARS and even went to a restaurant and ordered off the menu without any alterations! That was one of the biggest turning points, as it was when I realised that I didn’t have to live my life suffering and just ‘putting up’ with my symptoms. They could be changed!

I would recommend Jayne and her wonderful hypnotherapy program to anybody who is having trouble or suffering with IBS – and I already have! It was such an empowering experience and it has rekindled my love of food! I no longer dread eating; I actually feel happy and excited about the experience. I now look forward to living without the fear and pain of my IBS for many years to come!''


amy, australia

“I'd been in and out of doctors, had tried western and alternative medicine, and felt like nothing was working... Working with Jayne has changed my life.”

''Before working with Jayne I experienced pain, distress and health related interference with my life on a daily basis. I honestly can’t remember a time where my stomach didn’t hurt. Over the last few years my health issues were acute; I was in and out of doctors, had tried western and alternative medicine and I was worried constantly and felt like nothing was working. I haven’t done a testimonial before but I had to, to let everyone know how wonderful my experience was and to share something that really worked for me.

My work with Jayne has changed my life. I now live free of anxiety related to IBS and am able to work with a flare up to resolve it quicker and quicker. I’m having less and less symptoms and feeling more in control over my anxiety and health.  Before the program I would spend days anxious and worried about a weekend away, but now I can spend time away, fully enjoying myself and without IBS symptoms!  I feel so much better! The tools and support she gave me were extremely helpful and are tools I’ll have with me forever. I can’t recommend her enough! Thank you!''


elaine, california

‘’Having spent years planning my life around the bathroom and feeling constantly glued to the toilet, I now have a whole new future ahead of me.’’

''I had spent 21 years struggling with IBS symptoms and felt like I was constantly glued to the toilet. Life was hard, and it significantly impacted my ability to work and my quality of life. I had to constantly plan my day around the bathroom, and I found it difficult to leave the house. I was always worried about ‘what might happen'. Before working with Jayne, I had tried to get relief with different medications and changing my diet. I was constantly changing what I was eating and trying different food groups. It was very stressful, frustrating and confusing and the changes I noticed only worked to a certain extent. I was also getting more and more anxious around mealtimes, and I was constantly worried about eating in case it flared up my symptoms.

I found my sessions with Jayne incredibly relaxing, and always felt so calm. During the program Jayne taught me how to retrain my brain and my thoughts. I used to think I couldn’t eat different foods because they would trigger my IBS symptoms, but my sessions helped me to retrain the way I looked at food and think in a different way. And when I changed my mindset and the way I felt about food, I was no longer afraid or anxious of eating… and discovered I could eat SO many more foods with no reaction! I also stopped having to run to the bathroom when I ate. And I stopped having to worry. I also gained the ability to relax and learned how to calm my gut down on my own using the tools Jayne taught me, such as diaphragmatic breathing.

I noticed changes in my symptoms after the very first session. The changes have been significant, and I can now leave my house for the day to catch up with friends without any of the urgency or anxiety I used to experience. I’m so happy I found Jayne and would highly recommend working with her. She is so warm and supportive, and it’s been absolutely wonderful! I used to think hypnotherapy was crazy and ridiculous, but it’s fantastic! This was my last resort because of my IBS being so bad. I wanted to give this ago and I’m so happy I tried it.''


teena, australia