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Are you a nutritionist, dietitian, gastroenterology clinic or other health care provider working with IBS patients? If you would like to discuss referring your patients, send me a message by clicking the button below.

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''When medication and changing my diet stopped working, hypnotherapy was my last resort! Before working with Jayne my IBS and anxiety made it impossible to leave home. I was constantly worried about eating in case my symptoms flared up. Now my anxiety has gone, I’ve stopped worrying and feel calm around mealtimes. I’ve been able to retrain my brain and thoughts, and can now leave my house for the day to see friends without any of the urgency I used to experience. I’m so happy I found Jayne and would highly recommend working with her. She is so warm and supportive, and it’s been absolutely wonderful!''     
— Teena, Australia

''Having spent years planning my life around the bathroom and feeling constantly glued to the toilet, I now have a whole new future ahead of me.''


''Before working with Jayne I experienced pain, distress and health related interference with my life on a daily basis. I honestly can’t remember a time where my stomach didn’t hurt. I was worried constantly and felt like nothing was working. Since working with Jayne I now live free of anxiety related to IBS and am able to work with a flare up to resolve it quicker and quicker. I’m having less and less symptoms and feeling more in control over my anxiety and health. I feel so much better! The tools and support she gave me were invaluable. I can’t recommend her enough! Thank you!''
— Elaine, USA

“I'd been in and out of doctors, had tried western and alternative medicine, and felt like nothing was working... Working with Jayne has changed my life.”


''Before working with Jayne, my gut would rule my life. If I had a "bad" day and needed to go to the bathroom many times, my day would be completely ruined. My self-esteem would drop so low, and I would feel horrible. Working with Jayne inside of The Calm Gut Program was really great!  I always felt "re-set" afterwards. The biggest change I noticed after working together was being able to eat gluten again (and other foods I had eliminated) without any problems! I now feel strong and resilient to anything that will come up in my life, and ready to manage any stressful and uncertain events lying ahead - because I am calm in myself and confident in my body.''
— Rebecca, Fiji

“I can now eat gluten again (and other foods I had eliminated) without any problems!”


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A 'toolkit in your pocket' for long-term IBS relief

An evidence-based audio ‘toolkit’ to help reduce the symptoms of IBS and ‘fix’ the miscommunication between your brain and your gut. Access gut directed hypnotherapy, Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT), mindfulness techniques & breathing exercises at your fingertips.

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