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There is an end to your IBS symptoms and gut issues. Start taking                         now.

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You feel bloated and uncomfortable 24/7, even when you’ve not eaten anything.

You struggle with crippling gut pain leaving you doubled over in agony and feeling completely drained.

You feel drained of energy, too tried to focus, and ready to go back to bed the moment you wake up.

You find yourself running to the toilet with diarrhea with just moments to spare, and end up too anxious to venture out to new places or go on weekend trips away.

You want to live a ‘normal’ life but your gut is out of control...

You spend hours on the toilet with constipation breaking out in a sweat and trying every possibility under the sun to get your bowels moving.

You know that in order to start feeling normal again you need to get your gut working as it should. However, you feel like you’ve already tried everything, and you've almost given up hope of ever resolving your IBS symptoms. 

You imagine a life where you get to decide where you go, what you do, and how you spend your day - instead of your bowel and IBS deciding for you.

You imagine a life where you get to say yes without thinking those 'what if' thoughts, and where you get to eat what you want without pain or worrying about an IBS flare-up.

You imagine a life where you get to leave your house for more than just an hour without feeling anxious or logging onto the 'nearest toilet' app on your phone. 

You imagine a life where you feel great again in your clothes, pulling on those skinny jeans or that fitted dress without worrying about a bloated stomach, and wishing you'd worn something else. You get your confidence back. No more frantically scouring restaurants or cafes for the nearest toilets.

Because when you get back in control of your gut and IBS, you get back in control of your life. And you get to live it on YOUR terms. 

If you want to be supported to take back control and beat your IBS symptoms of bloating, gas, pain, constipation and diarrhea then keep reading..

"Learning from Jayne will open up your eyes to your IBS gut pain, the reasons behind it and what you can do to help. IBS is not just a diagnosis that you have to live with, you can make it better for yourself!"

- Bianca, spain

working together

Ways to work together

The Calm Gut 1:1 Program

A private 1:1 Gut Directed Hypnotherapy & Wellness Coaching Program delivered exclusively online with Jayne.

The Calm Gut 1:1 program is the ideal approach for anyone who has either struggled to get relief from their IBS symptoms with medical and dietary interventions or who are looking for an alternative approach to managing their symptoms that does not involve stressful, confusing and restrictive diets or the side effects of medications.

Using evidence based and proven approaches to managing your IBS, Jayne combines gut directed hypnotherapy, cognitive behavioural therapy and wellness coaching to help you take back control of your IBS symptoms, reduce the stress & anxiety in your life, and create a lifestyle that supports your optimal health and wellbeing.

If you know you’re not achieving the changes you desire trying to do it on your own, if you’re feeling overwhelmed and struggling to find the answers that will work for you, Jayne is here to help.

Currently your gut is sending out signals which you don’t know how to listen to. You become trapped in a vicious cycle of anxiety, overwhelm and confusion which only exacerbates your symptoms, and sends you back on a desperate mission for answers.

What you need to know, is that the answers are right there inside of you.

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Take your first step by scheduling a free discovery call to talk about your specific needs, and determine the best approach for you.

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"Jayne’s approach is great! It’s always good to write goals down, but being able to actually talk about where I was at and my challenges was incredibly valuable. Being able to see how each week’s goals and little wins contributed to my bigger picture was really helpful to keep me on track. I always felt really positive after each session and loved that I could dedicate that time to focus 100% on myself."

- Melena, Melbourne Australia

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