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Are you a clinical hypnotherapist or psychotherapist currently working with IBS clients? I'm currently working on creating mentoring & support packages. To register your interest, send me a message by clicking the button below.

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''This was well and truly the best workshop I have attended - awesome presentation and content - thanks Jayne."  — Michelle S, Clinical Hypnotherapist

''I thoroughly enjoyed this course, Jayne knows her topic well and delivers it very well. The content was to the point and provides a lot of resources and tools to use, so a complete package and I feel confident to start working with IBS clients.''  — Nadia, Clinical Hypnotherapist

''I loved this workshop and found it incredibly informative, Jayne is so generous with her knowledge and resources.'' — Lucy M, Clinical Hypnotherapist

''The workshop was very informative on not only hypnotherapy to work with IBS but also around IBS itself. Jayne gave a in depth presentation around all aspects of IBS, hypnotherapy for IBS and also how to use CBT. I loved how it was not only focused on the hypnosis itself, but also how to support our clients beyond Hypnotherapy. If you are wanting to specialise in this area, I would definitely recommend this course." — Jennifer M, Clinical Hypnotherapist


''This workshop was packed with heaps of information. it was super informative and structured so well. I feel like I received an informed step by step guide in how to facilitate a gut directed hypnotherapy session. Jayne is so easy to listen to and she really knows her stuff. I love her authenticity and her relatability."  — Katrina L, Clinical Hypnotherapist

''Jayne has created the best gut directed hypnotherapy workshop I have had the pleasure to attend. Her experience and knowledge in the area of IBS is incredible and I feel grateful to have had the opportunity to learn from her. Thank you very much Jayne.''  — Christine S, Clinical Hypnotherapist & Nutritionist

''Jayne’s workshop was packed full of useful information that was supported by thorough research. Jayne is not only a passionate presenter, but so generous with her knowledge, and the workshop manual is a great resource. I can’t wait to reread my notes and begin implementing my new knowledge." — Andrea L, Clinical Hypnotherapist


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A 'toolkit in your pocket' for long-term IBS relief

An evidence-based audio ‘toolkit’ to help reduce the symptoms of IBS and ‘fix’ the miscommunication between your brain and your gut. Access gut directed hypnotherapy, Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT), mindfulness techniques & breathing exercises at your fingertips.

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